Hero (Vigilante)

Scrapper|Magic|Dual Blades|Dark Armor (Primal Earth)

Very little is known about The Undead Adversary save that he appeared in Paragon City several years ago and began using his netherworldly powers to cull the ranks of the Circle of Thorn, the Tsoo, and other groups of villains. Some say that he’s a villain brought back to life by the Circle in an experiment gone wrong, while others say that he’s a fallen Gentleman Gladiator raised from the dead by Cerulean Shadow, Numina or perhaps even the Midnighter Club to aid in their never-ending battle against evil. His costume, which covers every inch of his body, sports mystical symbols that are said to preserve his rotting corpse. But that doesn’t seem to matter to the citizens of Paragon City, for when the innocent are persecuted, the Undead Adversary arises from the shadows to protect them. He will stop at nothing to rid the world of evil, for only when Earth is once again pure can he finally allow his signature magic dual blades to drop from his cold, dead hands and truly pass into the beyond. (1023/1023 characters)