Want me to write your bio?

Don’t have time to write your character’s bio or aren’t feeling particularly creative? I can do it for you!

Why me?

I’m a professional writer with tons of experience writing fiction and I love City of Heroes. I’ll do your character proud. 

How much do I charge?

I charge between $9.99-24.99, depending upon how detailed you want your character’s bio. Click here for more details. 


I have 30 bios and counting for you to read as samples of my work. Tanks, Scrappers, Controllers, etc. Just look at the drop down menu at the top of the screen. 

Ready to get started?

Are you ready for me to create the perfect bio for your character? Click the button below or the huge pen to your left! You’ll tell me all about your character and I’ll send you a Paypal invoice, which you can pay with Paypal or any credit card.

About Joe

Joe DeRouen

Joe was born in Carthage, Illinois, and currently lives in Rogers, Arkansas with his wife Andee, their son Fletcher, and their cats Archer and Biscuit. Joe is a freelance writer, web designer, and substitute teacher. Joe has published six novels and a short story collection, and has written over 1,000 magazine and newspaper articles and reviews. In his free time, he plays City of Heroes. His main hero is Crimson Shield, while his main villain is Pretty Deadly. 

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