Stalker|Magic|Claws|Regeneration (Primal Earth)

Cutie Pie was your everyday, cute as hell house cat until the Circle of Thorns came along. Akzaru, a minor magician in the circle, was drunk and tried to enter the wrong house. When he found it locked, he became angry and started casting random spells at the little house on the outskirts of Port Oakes. The first spell turned the house purple, while the second changed the door into a balloon. Norma Young, the owner of the house, pushed open the balloon and demanded to know what Akzaru was doing. He killed her on the spot. That’s when Cutie Pie struck. The orange tabby leaped onto Akzaru, hissing and biting. The startled magician threw the cat aside and cast a spell of death upon her, but rattled as he was, got a few of the words wrong. Cutie Pie instantly turned into a human-cat hybrid, and a second later slit Akzaru’s throat with her claws. Now she seeks revenge against all Circle of Thorns, in the name of her poor, deceased owner, while at the same time seeking the best catnip to sooth her aching heart. (1023/1023 characters)