Mastermind|Technology|Robots|Traps (Primal Earth)

Originally a servant bot belonging to a wealthy family in the year 2313, Master Mindful went through several owners as he became more and more obsolete, eventually being sold to a middle-class family in Arkansas who reconditioned him as a training bot to help their Olympics-bound son train for the high jump. On a routine trip to the recently terraformed Jupiter (the planet’s heavier gravity helped with training) a freak electrical storm killed Mindful’s charge and sent his ship hurtling backward through time. His morality circuit damaged, Mindful immediately repaired the damaged ship as best he could and set a course for Earth in an attempt to murder the family that had sent him and his charge to a certain death. Upon learning that he was no longer in the year 2313 and instead had landed some 300 years in the past, Mindful set out to build an army of robots – HIS servants – all the while working to track down the ancestor’s of the family who had doomed him to insure that they were never even born. (1023/1023 characters)