Scrapper|Magic|Katana|Energy Aura (Primal Earth)

Anna Dressler was working catering for a Longbow conference at the Galesburg Hotel in King’s Row when the Tsoo attacked. They were after the Longbow but had no problem killing random guests, not to mention the innocent workers just doing their job. Kat-Si, a member of the Tsoo long in possession of a magical katana he didn’t understand, swung the weapon at Anna and was amazed when it flew from his hand, turned around, and thrust itself through his heart, killing him instantly. Terrified, Anna started to run but was intercepted by another Tsoo. The Katana flew into her hand and instantly she knew how to fight and use the magical abilities contained within the weapon. She killed the Tsoo and then escaped with her life. The katana told Anna it had been crafted by one of her ancestors and was sworn to keep her bloodline safe. Together, Anna and her magical katana seek to understand their new bond while doing their best to keep Paragon City safe from the Tsoo and other villains who seek to hurt the innocent. (1018/1023 characters)