Scrapper|Magic|Broadsword|Shield (Primal Earth)

Gentleman Gladiator was fighting Lord Recluse in front of Wentworth’s in Atlas Park when it happened. Recluse had the upper hand and was about to slay the ancient hero when Xanni Pennant, a clerk at the consignment shop and a longtime fan of the Gentleman Gladiator, pushed him out of the way just as Recluse struck. The villain snapped her neck and tossed her aside without a thought, leaving her for dead. The mysterious force that had long ago created Gentleman Gladiator, however, had other plans for Xanni. On the brink of death, she healed instantly, her neck whole again and power coursing through her body. Xanni sprung to her feet, a glowing sword in one hand and a magical shield in the other, ready to fulfill her destiny. Working with her hero, she helped defeat Lord Recluse and watched with pride as Longbow hauled him off to prison. Gifted powers similar to her Idol, Xanni now serves as the protector of Atlas Park known as Gentlelady Gladiator. (964/1023 characters)