Mastermind|Mutation|Beast Mastery|Nature Affinity (Primal Earth)

As man continued to ravage the planet, the planet finally decided to do something about it. Mother Nature, wounded and dying, sent out a plea into the universe for a defender, and ecologist/activist Birdie Sinclair heard the call. Accepting Mother Nature’s offer of nearly unlimited power in exchange for protecting Earth, Birdie found herself transformed into an avatar of nature, now able to use the energy of the world all around her to fight those who would destroy the planet. Birdie soon found herself able to communicate with animals, calling them to battle by her side, as well as the ability to control plants, bringing nature at large into the battle. Calling herself the Terminature, Birdie heeds Mother Nature’s call by battling those who would seek to harm the planet, at the same time leading others who have also been drafted into the war. Together, under the banner of the Paragon Wilds, they’ll do whatever is necessary to protect the Earth from destruction.  (982/1023 characters)