Warshade|Science|Umbral Blast|Umbral Aura (Primal Earth)

On a mission to Cimerora with Cerulean Shadow, aging b-list hero Bumble Jack was struck down by an Unbound Nictus. As his last dying act, Jack activated his stinger – a psionic attack he’d built into his suit – determined to take the Nictus out with him. But something went terribly wrong. By chance or by fate, the stinger was attuned to the same energy frequency as the Nictus, and the attack triggered the process that a Kheldian uses to merge with a human, instantly and permanently binding Jack to the creature that had nearly killed him. Jack and the Nictus were at first enraged, waging an internal battle that almost destroyed them both. In time, however, they eventually made peace, and now work together to fight evil and make the galaxy safer for everyone.