Dominator|Magic|Illusion Control|Dark Assault (Primal Earth)

A little over six months ago, Alias Alexa “woke up” during a fight with Babbage. She had no idea who she was or how she got there. She managed to defeat the monster, and then retreated to an abandoned house she ran across in King Row’s to figure out who she was. Naming herself “Alexa” after an old Amazon device she found in the house, she quickly discovered that not only can she create duplicates of herself to do battle for her but can also instantly change her own form to emulate such heroes as Crimson Shield and Abbi Kadabra as well as villains like Twisted Tail and Jennyside. Sometimes choosing to be a hero and other time a villain, she strives only to figure out her true identity, and will do whatever is necessary to achieve that objective. (774/1023  characters)